[FROM LAY/WEIBO] 140413 - Lay’s Update



Everything is alright, you don’t need to worry, I’m extremely happy. If I could have more time, I would like to say a hello to everyone who has ever supported us, to say “thank you, it’s been hard on you.”

source cr; lay’s weibo / official site
translation: xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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Song: Overdose Highlight Medley
Artist: EXO M
Album: 2nd Mini Album

EXO-M The 2nd Mini Album ‘上瘾 (Overdose)’_Highlight Medley | Download Link

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Help me and click! :)


can you please click the link? I promise this isnt a virus… :) just a sharing community. 

(189/) Yixing gifs: sweeetest prince for ivy club 

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yixing is furiously clapping

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I caaan’t with his hands! asfjssdgwhr 

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The Case For Fewer Friends

Please take time to read this article… It’s a good read.

"When it comes to the value of friendship, quality matters over quantity."

have you read arbitrage yet? it's an awesome fic too

Not yet. Will add that to my list. :) thaaaaank you so much. :)

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Recommended EXO fic :3

If you stan EXO, please please read this fanfic regardless of who your bias is. :3 its beautifully written. Promise! :D


btw, are there any fic that you could recommend? I’ve already read 48 Hours (i was so so so sad for a really really long time) and Step :) please send me a msg for your recommendations.. ^^ thank you

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